New Scientist Article

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New Scientist, July 22, 2020, an article by Anna Demming entitled “Why old school technology could shape the future of digital computing,”   which features our Science article on “Inverse-designed Metastructures that solve equation”,

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Article in SPIE

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SPIE, July 1, 2020, an article by Neil Savage entitled “Computing and Optics Team up Over Metasurfaces,”   which include discussion about our Science article on “Inverse-designed Metastructures that solve equation”,

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Highlight in Optics 2019

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Optics and Photonics News (OPN), Our work on “Solving Equations with Metamaterials” was selected as one of the highlights of optics in 2019 (OPN: Vol. 30, No. 12, p. 50, 2019.). This…

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Article in Physics Today

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Physics Today, June 1, 2019, an article by Christine Middleton entitled “A Metamaterial Solves Integral Equation” about our Scince article on “Inverse-designed Metastructures that solve equation”, Physics Today, 72, 6, 22 (2019):

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