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Welcome to the Engheta Group

Our group is interested in the science and technology of fields and waves.  We are exploring a variety of research scenarios in wave-matter interaction, in both the optical as well as microwave domains.

For the list of our research foci, please refer to the page on the “Research" Programs.   Our group is housed in the Levine Hall and the Moore building of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
We also have extensive scientific collaboration with numerous colleagues all over the world.  The list of the refereed journal publications resulting from our research can be found in the page on “Publications”.

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions on any materials you see on our website.  You can send your inquiries to Nader Engheta at

A personal message

Nader Engheta portrait 2022Nader Engheta
H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor
University of Pennsylvania

I first became fascinated with waves when as a child I observed my brother working on a battery-operated transistor radio. The curiosity about how such a device was working without being connected to any visible conduit of information propelled me into the science and technology of electrodynamics and optics. This journey has brought me to the present day - today, my group is working extensively on an array of subjects in wave-matter interaction at the nano-, micro-, meso-, and macroscales.