Benjamin Franklin Medal Ceremony, Philadelphia, PA, April 27, 2023

Interview with BBC Persian, April 2023.

London Light Seminar, King’s College, London, December 8, 2022

Webinar at the MOHANDES Canadian Society of Engineers, April 19, 2022

JQI Seminar, University of Maryland, April 11, 2022

Harvard Iranian Clubhouse Chat with Nader Engheta, July 2021

Webinar at the Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta, November 5, 2021

Plenary talk at META 2021

Interview with BBC Persian on the occasion of receiving the 2020 Isaac Newton Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics (UK).

Lecture at Professor Bob Boyd’s 70th Birthday Celebration

US State Department Interview with Nader Engheta, Part 2, 2017

Plenary talk on “Near-Zero Photonics” at the META’16 conference, Malaga, Spain, July 26, 2016.

Introduction (in German) of Nader Engheta during the ceremony of conferment of the honorary doctoral degree in University of Stuttgart, Germany, November 18, 2016.

“Metaphotonics” Seminar at Harvard, February 28, 2014

"Metaphotonics" Seminar at Harvard, February 28, 2014

A tutorial lecture at the Croucher Advanced Study Institute Conference, October 6, 2012.

SPIE TV, a brief presentation, August 2015

International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2018, Philadelphia, PA, June 2018.

Visiting the National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine, November 2-3, 2018.

Lecture at the Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, October 31, 2018

Colloquium at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, April 12, 2018

Plenary talk at the Metamaterials Congress, Espoo, Finland, August 29, 2018

Lecture on the subject of nonreciprocity, the doctoral school, Metamaterials Congress, Espoo, Finland, August 31, 2018.

A tutorial lecture on “Luz, Eletrons e Metamaterials (Light, Electrons and Metamaterials)” at the Instituto de Fisica de Sao Carlos, Universidade de Sao Paulo, February 6, 2012.

LRSM (Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter) Science Café @ World Café Live: Abracadabra: Making Things Invisible and Seeing the Unseen, November 13, 2013

Nader Engheta in an interview on the virtual ambassy of the US in Iran (March 2014)

Nader Engheta’s lecture at the University of Delaware, Feb 15, 2012

Explanation of the concept of metamaterials by Dr. Engheta (March 2013)

Nader Engheta in an interview on nanomaterials (February 2015), recorded at the Faraday Discussions on Plasmonics, London Courtesy of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Plenary talk at the META’15 Conference, August 5, 2015, New York City

Plenary talk at the 2015 SPIE Optics and Photonics, August 9, 2015, San Diego, California.

Interview with Kayhan London, November 21, 2015.

Speech at the 2015 Schawlow-Townes Symposium on Photonics, University of Ottawa, Canada, October 8, 2015

Interview with BBC Persian “Chamedan” Program with Amir Payam, December 2013. Webcast on “The Future of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces”, speeches by N. Zheludev, N. Engheta and Ding Ping Tsai.